1992 RRC - Replace Engine Oil and Transmission Cooler Lines


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Feb 4, 2019
Atlanta, GA
I want to replace the engine oil cooler and transmission cooler hoses as a "while I am in here" doing things under the hood on my 92 RRC. RRCs are a bit before my time, and I learned 92's old-style "BSP" hoses are NLA. I'd like advice on the best way to replace these from someone who has run into this issue.

Complicating things is my new aluminum radiator, which has normal fittings like Disco I trucks. The fittings on my 92's oil filter housing are BSP, so I think my options are as follows:
  1. Take the hoses to a hydraulic hose shop and have them replace the rubber portions; keep the copper radiator (it's fine, but I'd prefer to install my new one);
  2. Take the hoses to a hydraulic hose shop and have them replace the rubber portions, buy used Discovery I oil and tranny hoses to swap the radiator side;
  3. Buy ECR/Trailhead custom hoses hoping they can make the ends right;
  4. Buy new stock replacement hoses for a Disco I/later RRC and somehow swap the oil filter housing ports (are these available? are the fittings on the transmission of a 92 RRC BSP or the same as a Disco I? What about the trans temp sensor?)
I'd prefer to install the aluminum radiator just so I have a new one and I've already bought it.


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