1996 D1 Disco - Armed to the teeth *FOR SALE*


Sep 22, 2013
1996 D1 Discovery For Sale

Apologies ahead of time for the sloppy listing?
Its time to let NARLEE go. Bought this thru Disco Web about 5 or so years ago. I that time, the DC Rover crew and I spent weeks building this Disco and made it into the bone crusher you see today. 2013, I Took first place at Rovers On The Rocks at Rausch Creek. Complete record of receipts, upgrades, maintenance and fixes is available as well.

New living situation, so I no longer have the space for the truck, place to work on it or time to drive it. Thought I?d get some time in it in the snow, but no snow to speak of this season.

Very cool color to, Willow Green.

A few things about the car off the bat:

1. Manual Transmission
2. 4.0 Engine
3. Windshield wipers work after a few mins of manual tipping the bar to activate them.
4. Truck does have Rust but In the 5 or so years I?ve owned this truck, the rust has not progressed. Some has been cut out and replaced with Steel.
5. Complete suspension upgrade
6. Fully armored
7. Stereo Upgrade - Kenwood Head Unit, Subwoofer under drivers seat, Focal rear speakers
8. All windows work and roll down and up, except the rear passenger side. It may only be that its not hooked in to the control panel in front seat. I just never bothered to look.
9. moon roof windows have been disengaged so prevent them of from opening, ever. this prevented them from ever leaking.
10. Headliner is in pristine shape
11. Blue Tooth audio for speaker phone calls.
12. Ultra Gauge to turn off ?check engine light? which turns on occasionally due to O2 sensor that I?ve never got around to changing.

125k miles (bought it with 119k miles runs and drives very well!)

Trans has slight noise like any r380 but it shifts well and works fine. Transfer is excellent.
Brakes are not that old and work well.
D2 CV style front shaft.
HD rear axles
Detroit locker rear, open front
GBR gears 4:43
steering guard
diff guard (terra firma) for front and rear,
heavy duty drag link with tie rod steering damper
steering damper relocation kit
Safety Device Roof Rack
Wolf Steel Wheels
Nitto Mud Grappler Tires 313/75/13
Spare on rear of Truck.
Lelo-Fab Rock Sliders/Side Steps
Tactical Rovers Rear Bumper
Emergency Break Kit
3 inch fender flairs (Terra Firma),
4 FOX Springs and brackets
RTE Springs and Trailing Arms
RTE 3 inch lift
Diamond plate Rear Door Panel
LED work lights installed on rear of roof rack with switch in dash
Rear Skid Plate
CB Radio
2 12 volt power outlets in the rear
Trailer 5 pin connector plug

Rides very well. I?ve taken this on 5 hour trips to wheel, and is very comfortable.
Off road this thing is a pure beast
Magnaflow muffler and deleted rear resonator
Front seats are worn, I put the KISS seat covers on. Seemed to fit the truck!
Rear seats very good.
Carpet ripped out
Headliner in great shape
Windows work except for passengers rear does nothing.
Hood release handle inside is broken, vise grips are the handle! Ha ha
Service engine and abs lights are on. Truck runs and works fine so I've not bothered with them. (Lazy)
Everything else works well

Rust: some minor typical rust in the door jams rear.
Rockers show some, not horrible but certainly there.
Inner front fenders where the firewall meets typical spot shows some blisters.
Rear cargo floor shows spots too
Minor rust on floor in front, but the Truck passes inspection like clock work, every year.

It leaks here and there but nothing large. Doesn't see to have any coolant issues. Motor sounds and runs great.

Currently has a RTE bumper and 12k winch on front. Included

Have a ton of fluids, that will come with it. Oil etc.
Also coming with it (pictured) are:
- Recovery Strap (recovery strap)
- Trailer Net to hold down cargo
- recovery link
- 2 Pelican Cases for off road gear storage that can take a beating

I'd like to get $6,000
Pretty firm price wise given the gears/locker etc. and all the upgrades.

I?ve put a lot into this truck with maintenance and parts. I don?t expect to come anywhere near what i?ve spent on it, but feel that $6k is a fair price. The truck runs as well as my 2013 F150. It will serve very well on the trails and around town.

As mentioned, i?ve got all supporting paperwork that i?ll give to the new owner so that they know when things were done last.

DM me with any questions.


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Apr 6, 2016
Western Slope, CO
Good looking Disco and nice to see one listed for good money.

I still don't understand why Defenders go for stupid money when they have the same motors (and same motor gremlins) as the Discoveries. It can't be all looks...so let's change that. Everyone listing a Disco for sale put it up for twice what you want and hold there. Let's drive them back up and get rich!

Maybe submit it to a Bring A Trailer auction? I think it costs $250 or so? (don't hold me to that) and you can set a $6k reserve on it. Everything there seems to go for well over what CL and other sites list. Maybe there's a psychological component to being on BaT that equals "buy this!"