1996 Disco Engine transmission transfercase and other parts


May 8, 2014
Stock 4.0L V-8 with stock automatic transmission and stock transfer case. Removed from 1996 Disco with 140K miles. Ran fine, no overheat issues. Stripped truck for project but am not going to complete project as intended.
Engine Harness and ecu included with engine. Engine is complete with A/C compressor and all other ancillaries (fan, P/S pump, starter, alternator, belts, exhaust manifolds etc.)
Abs unit and brake master cylinder
Steering box.

$400 takes it all.
Not worth it to me to split up further.
Shipping probably not worth it, plan to pickup and load onto a trailer or truck. I can assist with loading via tractor, hoists etc.
Please PM if interested. Located in Glastonbury, CT 06033. This is cross posted on Defender source also.

Doug C

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Jul 28, 2006
Central, Virginia
Do you have a way to pick this up and put it in the back of a pickup ?
Traveling 84 to Mass Pike and back from Romp.
Did you unplug the engine harness from main or cut ?
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