1999 D1 alarm activated and no start


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Oct 2, 2019
Arkansas, USA
Need help diagnosing a 1999 Discovery I SD

Currently the alarm is going off with all doors closed, but it is not a full horn honk, more like a quite vibration. Then if I try to start, as soon as key turns to on the horn honks regular alarm sound. The starter clicks, but does not turn over.

the sequence of events which started this.
1. the day before I removed rear passenger door panel to change window regulator, And unplugged window switch.
2. After this the doors would not lock when locking driver door.
3. Worked fine for a day then I tried to start and nothing. After attempting to start a few times, the alarm started going off.
4. Tried cleaning battery terminals and cleaning ground connection, then Towed home.

I read about the alarm deactivate with default code 1515 by unlock and lock driver door, but no luck.

thanks in advance for any stories or possible solutions.
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