2003 D2 HDC, SLS, ACE indicators not there

Everything normal in terms of operation,
But it strikes me that when engine is turned on, dashboard indicators light up in general, except for those that come from "ECU's" such as auto-gearbox's M and S lights, ACE, HDC, ETC, SLS lights. ABS and Brake indicators are the exception.
I've been looking at circuit diagrams and only thing they seem to have in common is the harness to instrument pannel.
If for example I connect HDC or raise back suspension, everything works normally, but corresponding dashboard indicators are not there.
Nanocom connected, it does not indicate any fault codes in any control units. Anyway I did a bug clear just in case and there were no changes.
Nanocom menu options to read switches status, show all levers and buttons doing its work properly.
SLS lights test options, the ones I mentioned do not come on. ABS and Brake light test cause these lights to blink.
Automatic box ECU does not have test options for its lights.
Disconnected battery, leaved it unconnected for 20 minutes and reconnected, without any change. All fuses in order.
I think that more than one would be interested to know how to do this, to ensure that so many alert lights do not bother him, but it makes me uneasy ...
Let's see if there are any who have had something similar
Thanks in advance