2004 D2 Trail Built and Well Maintained


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May 29, 2008
SOLD 8/17/2013

I have a new hobby and a whole lot of other things going on. Time to let the 'ole mall crawler go.
2004 D2

Mechanically, nothing at all out of line. When something breaks, I fix it. Cosmetically, there are a few dings but nothing major. I live in Houston and she still gets parked in the front row at the Valet.

I have done some state park trails/off-road parks in Marble Falls, she has probably been on the trails for a cumulative week since I have owned her. Never anything punishing, no mud.

Everything works. Sunroofs are operational and weather tight, I recently changed the headliner and sealed all of the drains. Interior is clean and tight.

I have addressed everything that is likely to give you any problems for a good long time, nothing was skipped over for convenience or expense... I had been planning to keep the truck indefinitely.

120,xxx miles


There are a whole bunch of pics here.
Not interested in trades or owner financing.
Brian Laney

The truck was primarily built by ek5usmc search for his threads and you can see all of the quality work that went into the original build.

3'' Heavy Duty RTE Springs
1'' Aluminum spacer in rear
Bilstine 7100 Reservoir Shocks
RTE DP2 Watts Linkage
RTE Spring Retainers
Steel Braided Brake Lines
ABS Extensions
SlickRock Quick Disconnects Sway Bars, Front
Longer Sway Bars in the Rear
Tom Woods Rear Drive Shaft
4 Bolt Flange Kit
Rebuilt Front Drive Shaft
RTE Full Brush Guard Wide Face Front Bumper
10,000 lb. XRC Winch with Rubber hook holder
RTE Aluminum Front Skid Plate
RTE Rear Bumper with Nerfs
RTE Rock Sliders with Nerfs
QT Differential Guards
LG Aluminum Gas Tank Skid
HID Conversion Head Lights
New 1/8'' Steel Frame Horns
Rover Racks Ladder
RTE Spare Tire Mount
(not installed but included) RTE Washer Bottle Relocation Kit

Differential Lube Changed Front and Back (75/90 Mobile 1)
Transfer Case Lube Changed
Right Front Wheel Bearing Replaced
Right Front Wheel Position Sensor Replaced
New Bank 1 Coil Pack

New Right Front Tie Rod End
Complete Lube and Maintenance on Front End Suspension

Reverted To Stock Exhaust
Repaired Left Rear Body Cap
New Headliner
Tightened and Adjusted the XYZ Sensor

New Windshield Wiper Assemblies

Odometer: 117,269
Coil pack was causing engine misfire. Found electrical short in harness between ECU and coil packs.
New Bank 2 Coil Pack
New Spark Plugs
New Ignition Wires
New Secondary Air Pump
New Left Tail Light (from previous damage)
New Left Bumper Trim
New Left Front Door Latch
Performed Throttle Body Heater Bypass (slight coolant leak at interface)
Removed aftermarket Flowmaster Muffler and replaced OEM exhaust.

New Headliner
Rebuild left bolster and cracked vinyl on Driver Seat

New Viscous Fan Clutch
New Accessory Drive Belt

New MAF sensor

New Power Steering Pump
New Front Passenger Window Motor
New Fuel Pump
Cruise Control Issue Resolved
Mobil 1 Synthetic T-Case
Pennzoil High Mileage 10/40

4/27/11 @105,000 Miles
Replaces all 5 tires with BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2

Replaced Rear Rotors and Pads with NAPA Premium Rotors and Ferodo Pads

Replaced Front Rotors and Pads with NAPA Premium Rotors and Ferodo Pads

Replaced Front Upper and Lower Ball Joints
New Horn Buttons
New Steering Wheel Radio Controls

Full Pennzoil Platinum Oil Change

Replaced Engine Water Pump
Replaced Water Pump Gasket

Front and rear differential fluid change 75/90 Mobile 1

7/25/2010 (96,240 mile Engine Overhaul)
Replaced Head Gaskets
Replaced Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
Full Valve Job on Heads
Dipped and decked 3/1000th
Replaced Front Cover gasket
Replaced Front Crank Seal
Replaced Timing Chain and Gear Set
Replaced Valley Gasket
Replaced Intake Gasket
Replaced Rocker Cover Gasket
Re-wrapped degraded wire harness cover
New Air Filter
New Thermostat
New Bosh Platinum+4 spark plugs
New Accessory Drive Belt
Pennzoil 5W/30 and Oil Filter
New Fuel Line and Evap. Line
Replaced Throttle Body Heater Plate Gasket and Hardware

Maintenance just prior to Purchase at ~80,000
Magnecor 8mm plug wires
Bosh Platinum+4 spark plugs
New Fram Air Filter
Engine flush
Mobil 1 Full Synthetic and Molbil 1 oil filter,
Coolant flush
Transmission flush
Mobil 1 Full Synthetic +Filter Kit,
Power Steering flush
Red Line Full Synthetic Power steering fluid,
Brake flush
Prestone Full Synthetic DOT 4,
Transfer Case and Differentials changed with Lucas Full Synthetic 75w90 ,
Fuel Injection + Intake Treated with Sea Foam + cleaned the Throttle Body.
New Serpentine belt
MAF sensor
4 New Rotors and Pads
2 New Motor Mounts
New Transmission Mount
New Transfer Case Mount
Sill Wiper Blades
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May 29, 2008
Just uploaded a bunch of new pictures. Should give you a good idea of the truck.


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May 29, 2008
No it wasn't.

This is a direct copy and paste of my personal log.

I was going through the log a couple months back and missed the December entry, which was the correct one.
I added the line into the Feb log entry.

I fixed the drain plastic that met the metal drain tube with 3M Marine epoxy. Won't have to worry about the headliner again.


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May 29, 2008
Also wanted to point out that I put in a BRAND NEW Wabco ABS modulator in late 2011.

Not a lot that hasn't been done.

I am willing to drive the truck to meet you anywhere in the lower 50. If you're way out there maybe we could meet half way.

I know this price is a bit higher than the $5,000 trucks that are in line for a gasket job, shuttle valve problems, interiors that haven't been meticulously repaired to new, but if you're in the market for a turn-key truck that has all of the boxes checked- I believe this is the right truck and a fair price. I am certainly not getting all my money out of the work that I have into it.

Please feel free to ask any questions.


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May 29, 2008
sold 8/17/2013

The truck was sold due to the eBay listing. I would certainly have donated to DiscoWeb had it sold from interest here.

I'll miss you guys. I'm sure I will eventually be back to toy Land Rovers... I think a D90