2004 Disco II SAI Leak - FYI Fix


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Apr 23, 2004
Austin, TX
Hi All,

Thought I would post that today I found on my 2004 that 2 of the 8 (?) fasteners (look like rivets) securing the case of the SAI pump had snapped off. They are just flared so was difficult to notice. The flares had snapped off. This let air escape out at start up, louder SAI pump noise, and I think also air in during warmed up driving. I had been chasing P134 codes, etc. after removing the intake manifold to replace the coils. Was mostly successful after replacing the MAF sensor, retightening some of the vacuum connections, and so forth. The only remaining code was a transmission out of range code that very randomly appeared.

Anyways a couple of #8x32 1 1/2" screws with matching lock nuts from Home Depot and all fixed. Runs amazingly well. Hope this helps anyone chasing vague codes relating to intake leaks.

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