2011 Buying Advice Wanted


Jan 4, 2016
St. Louis
Some years ago I used to haunt these pages regarding my 2004 D2 SE7. That was until the fateful day of an engine rebuild shortly after an electric fan dying without notice and the cylinder head warping due to temps a tad out of spec. I LOVED that LR. But I didn’t feel I could trust it anymore. Fast forward to today where I cruise about in a 2004 LX470. An incredibly reliable tank. 90 miles an hour down the interstate and as quiet as a bank vault. A wonderful hydraulic suspension system. And I can’t stand it. Every time I see an LR3 or 4 go by, well, you get it.

So, just for fun today, I glanced at AutoTrader and this popped up (I may have a saved search). A 2011 LR4 HSE Alpine White with 53k miles. Ok, you have my attention. $16 k plus asking price. Sounds like a deal? I don’t know regarding LR pricing anymore honestly. No pics, because they just got it in. They sent me an “AutoCheck” which I’m not impressed with. Is there a way to run the VIN through LRNA for maintenance history Like Toyota / Lexus? I’ll get my own CarFax.

i didn’t see a lot of buying advice on the 2011 here.

Hit me up with advice guys! Thank-you


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Mar 26, 2004
Run the VIN through the online decoder. Let me see if I can find the link. That’s a pretty good price for that low mileage.