2018 Range Rover - won’t start, no lights on panel, completely dead.


May 29, 2022
Austin, TX
2018 Range Rover had no sound coming out of the speakers. Parked the vehicle and three days later the vehicle will not start. There are no lights or any sign of life with the vehicle. Please advise if anyone has had this issue or knows the best way to handle it. The range rover is in the garage and it’s a diesel, Not sure how we are going to even get it out.
Tracy (Chris’ Bride)


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Sep 14, 2010
Northern Illinois
I’m sure your going to need to fully charge the battery first. There are so many possible causes to what your describing.
With your no sound issue I think it’s probably the Amp under the drivers seat. They get wet. But there is other stuff that can cause that.
So fully charge the battery is what needs to be done first