4.6 GEMS engine


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Apr 20, 2004
St Louis, MO
So...I am bailing on a project. It is a complete 4.6. The block was purchased from Will out of a 99 P38 with about 100k on it. Bearings were replaced. I can not get it to run for shit. So back goes in a 4.0. It has a knock that I can not diagnose and have spent a fortune on. I?m out. It is available partially disassembled, but complete. Everything is there from the pan to the plenum, except the lifters. The heads are off because I sent them to the shop to be checked again. Some details:

4.6 plenum
4.6 block 99 P38
New bearings
New stock cam
New factory timing gear and chain
New rocker assemblies
New push rods
Zero miles on heads since valve job
New water pump
GEMS Disco ECU with 4.6 programming
I can include any and all ancillaries and sensors
The bottom is assembled and cam is broken in. The heads are off.
For a few extra $ I have a Crower cam too

$800 plus shipping or pick up in St Louis MO. I?ll do fastenall too.