4 Hella Rallye 3000 halogen lights


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May 21, 2007
These came with my SD rack - because my rack is the XD low profile version the lights stick up above the top bar, which prevents me from carrying my kayak on the rack. Plus my wife hates them. Thus these Hellas need to find a new home. If you want the full-on Camel Trophy, football-stadium-on-wheels effect, this is your ticket to old-school, chunky halogen badassery.

Since the dimensions are problematic I haven't wired these lights and thus can't guarantee that the bulbs work in all of them. One of them needs a shim or some adjustment, I couldn't get it to stand up straight in the day I had them on the rack. Sale includes:
  • 4 Hella Rallye 3000 lights
  • 4 stone shields
  • All mounting hardware
  • Wiring pigtails

You're on your own for wiring harnesses and switches. New this setup would run about $520, but since it's not new you can have the whole shebang for $120 plus shipping, which will probably run about another $30 depending on location.