96 SD 5 speed manual FS. Runs, doesn't drive. Central Texas *Sold*


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Aug 28, 2016
College Station , TX
I've "owned" this SD for a couple of years now. Never put it in my name, but I do have the signed 'and dated' title from the PO. She wouldn't sell it unless she dated it. I can transfer into my name first for a serious buyer.

This is a fantastic base for your build. Its a very straight and rust free SD. No sunroofs, manual cloth seats, 5 speed manual, etc, etc. the owners son attempted a clutch job on it and it never moved again after that. You now know as much as I do. The diff lever is stuck, and the shifter does nothing. I have not looked into it to see if it's something simple, but I imagine it is.

The last time I was out at my storage lot it started and ran fine. Hell even the AC works.

The PO's kid was a mechanical idiot. The steering shaft stripped and he managed to spin the wheel enough to snap the clockspring. The dash is cracked and broken all over due to who knows what. The interior is all there but rough. Front seats need diaphragms at least, could use covers as well.

I will get pics asap. I'm selling it because I had a chance to buy another classic car I've wanted for a long time (Volvo 240) that is just an absolute cream puff so I spent a little too much on that, and had to bargain with the wife that I would get rid of the Disco to compensate. Plus, who am I kidding. I've owned this thing for a couple years now and haven't even touched it. Best to let it go I guess.

BTW, this truck is completely stock. No lift, nothing cut. Paint is bad, trim is bad, the Texas sun has baked it pretty well, but also kept the rust away, and it looks like it's never been in an accident.

Mileage and detailed pics to come.

Looking for $1000 if I register it in my name first. If not, shoot me an offer.

I'll try to check in here, but you'll reach me faster at HighSPL (at) G mail (dot) com