99 DiscoII spark plugs and antilock



I am new to this site and it looks like a great place to get some real info from real rover drivers, not the local dealer trying to sell you something.

First, I bought some plugs from my local dealer here in Denver and they charged me over $11 per plug. A little high I thought so, I went home, got on the net and ordered some OE plugs for just over $4. However, when I received the plugs they turned out to be Bosch Plat+4 plugs(4 electrodes) :confused: . The Bosch site says I am good to go but when I spoke to a Rover tech he suggested I come in and buy the plugs from the dealer. Said I could have problems with the Bosch plugs. Anyone have any input on this.

Second, the amber hill descent, antilock, and traction control lights have been comming on but would go off when I shut the car off then restarted it. Now however, they will not go off. Went to the dealer and they told me I need a new RH front hub and a new ABS Modulator. All told $3000+ :eek: :mad: . Today I Spoke to Land Rover USA and they said they were working on a recall. Anybody know anything about it.

Thanks for any help. Great site. I will be back often. Would love to hook up with other Rover people in Denver.



I installed Bosch Plat 4+ in my 99D2 and haven't had any problems. I have only been running them for 5K miles or so though...


Russ, since you in Denver, you can go to Sharpers auto, and Andrew will take care of your needs and will not bend you over..

Bosches are just fine, if your engine is clean. If not - pony up about 120$ for machine vacuuming with B&G products and it will be.

As of lights - i have no clue , having D1, but i would start with obvious stuff. Since all of those functions relaying on braking - i would first check fluids, connection to sensors and vacuum lines.

In either case - man, go for second opinion. 3K is pretty hefty .