ABS light wont turn off after fix.

Combat Sloth

Dec 3, 2022
I had the infamous 3 amigos. The issues was a wheel speed sensor. I replaced it which turned off the tc and hill decent lights. The abs light on the other had is still on. I have cleared the code and won't go away. How do I get the abs light to go away!?!?!


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Mar 1, 2015
Beaumont, TX
Yep you will get the solo Yellow ABS light when the ABS faults are cleared. It will go out once the SLABS Unit gets input from all 4 wheel sensors.


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Apr 24, 2004
Land Rover 3 ambigos solved 100% with proof)

Below the front right foot mate lots of cables are going backwards from the firewall , wity in these cable is a connection with splicers which is broken or rusted that causes initially intermittent and later on permanent break fault ( 3 amigos hdc , suspension , and special program off faults)

here is a link which is not very clear but enough to work on !!

Land Rover 3 ambigos solved 100% with proof)

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