ACE System Dilema


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Sep 10, 2004
Westchester County, NY
Hi guys, it has been a while since I posted on the board. My D2 2001 has 112K miles and ACE; it used to have SLS but converted over to OME 2” Kit. I thought I was going to miss the SLS but the coil springs are equal or better. 12 years ago the ACE lines rusted right before the ACE block, my shop replaced the lines and fixed the problem. Here is the problem, just last week one of the lower lines going to the block was rusted, burst and made a mess. Once again my shop did a fantastic job with what they had, replaced (fabricated) the line and cleaned everything. I got home looked under and everything was dry, 24 hours later I see ACE fluid sipping from the block and the plastic bracket most likely from the line that was replaced. Last time it took four tried replacing O-rings to make a perfect seal. I don’t want to get rid of the ACE but parts are almost non-existent for this system, when I fix this I am sure something will go bad with the ACE an 18 year old truck. Have anyone converted to a regular sway bar system? Was it difficult, and what was involved? Do you miss the system and more importantly how is the driving behavior after the swap.

I hope someone can provide some insight information.


Non ACE versions behave like a D1 on the highway (actually the rear suspension is better, more stable by other changes).
I own a D1 and a D2. D2 is ACE equipped version .
To enjoy them I must travel almost always more than 500km from home and both Discos are comfortable. But without bars I think it would be very dangerous to do it on routes. ACE is wonderful because it is what I always dreamed of as a D1 user: off road both bars "disappear". I would have a little more patience, but hey, here where I live a D2 is still a vehicle of some value and its conservation is valued.

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