Aftermarket Keyless Entry


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Mar 3, 2015
Great post as this can be used instead of the key. The ignition wire is the wire that causes the door locks to lock once the ignition is turned on and the doors are closed. If the doors are open when you turn on the ignition the locks will lock then unlock. It will unlock because the LR knows that a door is open the same goes if you don't have an alarm open door and manually lock the drivers door by pushing down the lock plunger the locks will lock then unlock. Most keyless entry and aftermarket alarms have the capability of turning off the ignition controlled lock feature if for some reason your unit does not have this feature just don't connect the ignition wire of your keyless entry/aftermarket alarm.
You can also pulse ground to the disarm wire of the factory alarm when you press unlock on your keyless entry/ aftermarket alarm this will disarm the factory LR alarm so no annoying horn honking to worry about.
As for the faulty window module that goes out when not expected can be bypassed and removed and in place install a DEI (Directed Electronics Inc.) 535T window module 2 will be needed (1 for front windows and 1 for rear windows) if you want the capability of one touch down or one touch up from the factory switch in the center console. The cool thing about setting up your rover with this setup is that you get modernize features of one touch up or down plus paired with an aftermarket alarm (I use Avital by DEI) you won't ever need a key to lock or unlock your rover.

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Apr 19, 2004
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Thanks guys.

Yes, re-locking the doors after ignition is turned on is not only annoying, it can lead to you being locked out of your truck if you manage to start the engine and exit the vehicle before it re-locks. Looking at the tips in the manual for the aftermarket shiznit now to disable it.
EDIT - it is one of the programming options for the controller. It is a breeze to set it up.

I also wanted to add functionality to remotely turn on and off some exterior lights - like work light on the roof rack or LED foglights. It's a nice feature for setting up the camp, and the lights draw about as much as the fridge. Will update the write-up when I get to it.

Jeep vs. Land Rover - damn it was ages ago. Good times.


Feb 10, 2018
Oh man, this is soooo timely... both my (working) fobs are disintegrating... the rubber buttons rotted out of one and the key stalk itself keeps falling out of the other. Thanks!