Arb Awning to Safety Devices Rack


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Sep 22, 2019
Mount Shasta, CA
Anyone put an arb awning onto their safety devices rack? I just ordered what looks like the best of the 4 mounting kits available from Arb - and it doesn't fit the space of the bars on the rack. The mounts are 4.5" apart and the bars on the rack are 3.5". I would rather not have to drill holes or tack weld mounts to the rack - so am just wondering if there is a better solution. I guess I could cut and re-weld the mounts to 3.5", but.... maybe there's something out there that works.


Oct 22, 2008
yes. If you can weld, I'd say you could do it for less $. Not being a welder, I worked with Luke at Fourtracks and he came up with a solution for both side and rear awning mounts for my D1 SD rack.


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