are they all crap


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Dec 5, 2004
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Even with what I had to do to it, I would buy it again. They are great in the snow, gets about 24 mpg, drives great.
I told my parents to trade it in because they haven't spent any real money on repairs, so may as well quit while they are ahead. Those motors are junk, so he could have spent all of that money and then needed an engine or timing gear 6 months later. He's also getting old and my mom wanted him to have blind spot monitoring and stuff like that.


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Sep 14, 2010
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So if one just had to have an LR2, you would suggest a 3.2 instead?
Yes, boring is better. The whole vehicle is Volvo. The whole vehicle might have a few electrical issues, The wheel bearings need replacement sometimes and the rear diff pinion bearing will start to howl eventually. But those are basic things to fix. Not a shit ton of money involved in any of that.
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