Chevy 350 conversion


Aug 14, 2021
The swap would probably meet emissions requirements in most states if you added the right stuff to a standalone LS harness or ordered one with the right stuff added (doubt CA though). Taking the transmission control software out of the LS ECM is really easy. Mine also has been flashed with the VIN number of my Disco so if you plug in it even comes up as a 2002 Land Rover.
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Aug 21, 2014
Hello All;
As I am being totally frustrated with rebuilding this Landy 4.0 engine, I am seriously considering the Chevy 350 Covert.
I got some information from: Marks 4wd in Dingley Village, Victoria but I really need is some detailed information on what is needed.
Does anybody know a source or has ever done it?

The next engine change will be to electric. Right now the cost of THAT is more than my house cost.

Several years ago, I ordered the Chevy 350 conversion kit for a '96 D1 5speed from Marks 4wd out of Australia....

It took a couple of years to get around to getting the time to work on it. Once I finally started, I discovered the input shaft bearing they provided for the transmission input shaft was not of the correct size. Interior diameter of the bearing was smaller than the outside diameter of the transmission input shaft.

After getting them on the phone and emailing pics of the part with a micrometer measuring it and the transmission input shaft, they finally said I was on my own... they concluded that Australian D1's must be different from US D1's... they said their bearings fit their smaller shafts just fine.

As much as I hate to criticize an Australian, I wouldn't recommend them.