D1 iLAND functions

Well the D1 is back on the road with a kind of disappointing and inconclusive fix. The shop initially attempted to re-pair the immobilizer without success, spent an hour on diagnostics without coming up with anything else amiss, and then simply "tried pairing a bunch more times" and finally she is working again. I trust these guys and they definitely know what they're doing, as underscored by three pristine Bentleys on their lifts and a LR3 body in the air above its frame for an engine swap! Holy crap...

So, moral of the story is don't mess with the immobilizer using the Hawkeye, I guess. I'm going to order a couple of new key fobs and will drive out there, park at the shop, and try using the Hawkeye to pair those, just in case it all goes sideways again. At least I won't have to tow.

If anyone has some intel on ripping the immobilizer out, I am all ears. I doubt it will be that simple considering how everything is integrated.

Man. I thought the Hawkeye was going to give me some self sufficient peace of mind.