D1 MAF orientation


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Apr 20, 2004
St Louis, MO
So...which way should it face? Mine have always been with the plug towards the engine and the wrighting upside down. Seems like the logo should be upside right. What?s Dweb say? And does it matter? Oh...and does the presence of a screen matter?
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Jun 11, 2007
Colorado, USA
The clips on the filter side do not work on the other end, that one is set up for a band clamp. Can't really swap ends. You could potentially drill out the rivets for the MAF and swap it around to get the letters upright, but why? The screen is just to stop the major sized objects that penetrate the air box and might interfere with anything downstream in the combustion process.

This assembly was probably re-used from another vehicle where the orientation was correct. They decided to save some money and be practical and just use it as is. That is one of the old Land Rover charming practices I like.

Is this an OCD thing perhaps? Do the upside down letters on the MAF annoy you? Sounds like you have it the right way, it won't go any other way unless you want to drill and reposition?