D1 Parts


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Jan 4, 2019
I have sold my D1 and I had a parts car that ran and drove fine when I parked it, everything I read said get a parts car so I did and started dismantling it and putting parts in my shop. Parts are from 1998 Beluga Black LSE
-Full interior light tan, drivers seat has some cracks but no rips or tears, power and heated with all carpets in good shape
-Brake parts calipers, rotors, boosters, ABS pump
-Radiator and trans cooler with fans
-steering wheel with airbag
-swivel balls with shims
-4 TWR wheels off 98 50th anniversary D1
-1 steel spare
-blower motor
-fuse block interior and exterior
-window arms and motors
-multiple sunroof glass frame and motors
-Front black cowl below the wipers 100% perfect
-Rear black bumper
-headlights and tail lights
-All Interior parts and pieces, lights and covers many switches
-consoles and lids
-power steering pump and gearbox
-A/C compressor
-Original red Jack
-Owners manual with booklets
-spare fob
Much more PM for details and pictures.


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Jun 30, 2008
Golden CO
I am planning on doing a rebuild of my swivels and on of the CVs are making a noise when I turn left.

how much for all that stuff shipped to Colorado

TT Disco

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Dec 20, 2005
Looking for instrument cluster bezel if it is not busted as well as both electric seat controls as long as they are in good shape as well


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Jan 23, 2011
i reached out to you a while back about some parts but, regretfully, I couldn’t get over to your place when I passed through that part of the country.

I’m still interested in some door panels. I have a 96 D1 with sun burned front door panels. I have learned that is very common and finding some not burned is unlikely. However, it seems the later LSE panels hold up better. If you had a matched set of 4 beige ones from your parts truck, I’d be interested.