D2 Brake Upgrade


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Sep 12, 2018
I know this is one of those "beat to death threads," but I got'sta know,
Is there anything to help stock D2 brakes - now that I'm running 16" steelies and 265/75-16 meats?

Maybe Will T. has the answer?


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Sep 14, 2016
Suffolk, UK
Here is my setup...
  • Brake master cylinder replacement kit #SJJ100362 from Land Rover Parts and Accessories ($70)
  • EBC GD Sport Drilled & Slotted Rear Rotors #GD957 & Front Rotors #GD994
  • Akebono ceramic rear brake pads #ACT493 & front brake pads #EUR676
  • Braided Stainless Steel Brake Hose Kit for raised suspensions #ABP218L from Atlantic British LTD ($157.95) - 6 Each
  • Stainless steel brake bleed ports #SB1010S-SS from Speed Bleeder ($65.95) - 4 each
  • Pentosin Super Dot 4 brake fluid #BFDOT4-L from Pep Boys ($11.19) x 3 liter cans


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Mar 17, 2019
I know you can put Defender Calipers on a D1, not sure about a D2 but would love a brake upgrade without redoing the whole brake system (if possible).


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Sep 12, 2018
My 1990 RRC brakes as good as any vehicle I've had...no long push before engagement, right at the top. I can lock up those RRC brakes in a flash, or until the old Wabco ABS system starts vibrating the pedal.

Now with the D2, I've had several incidents where the car in front stops quickly and I push that damn pedal as hard as possible, but the brakes (stock rotors, pads and rubber lines all around) don't bite like my 14 year older RRC. I narrowly avoid a collision. My RRC has stock rotors and pads, the orogonal Wabco system, and doesn't squeel either.

So, until the time I do some kind of upgrade, I drive slower and leave more room.

Are the calipers in the RRC's larger than D2's? The Master Cyl. is different, but how?


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Feb 10, 2020
They are what defender owners refer to as a crumple zone!

Jokes aside we run EBC slotted disks and green stuff pads on both D2's
New seals flex pipes and clean brake fluid too.
They work pretty well although it is a heavy truck so don't expect it to brake like a sports car.
If your brakes are that bad probably worth checking out the brake servo and vac lines.


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Jan 23, 2009
Apex, NC
I would suggest replacing the stock rubber lines with braided stainless lines (especially the often-overlooked rear lines in the front left wheel well) and bleed the system thoroughly before you try anything else. You might be surprised how much those of a difference that can make.

Pad material can also play a big role in the brake feel. I have Hawk HPS pads on My D2. They seemed to help tremendously compared to whatever was in there before.

Also, I think the 04 D2s had different calipers that may help if you get to that point.
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