D2 - Totally locked out


New member
Mar 5, 2023
Hi all,

I have a 2001 Disco 2 which I only use occaisionally during the winter. I last drove it in October, parked it up and didn't go to use it for about a month. During that time we had some heavy rain, and I think some of it may have got inside the passenger footwell box.

Went to drive it around the end of Oct, but the doors wouldn't unlock on the fob. Changed the battery on the fob and charged the battery in the car (bonnet opens without needing to get inside), but still wouldn't open. When i pressed the unlock button on the fob the indicator lights on the dash flashed, but not the actual indicators, and there was no sound at all from the doors. Sadly when I bought the car second hand it only came with 1 key which only works in the ignition and not in the door locks, which I've never got round to sorting...

Tried again this week after charging the battery again. This time the indicators flash and there is an audible sound from the door locks. Sounds like they're unlocking, but the door knobs don't go up and the doors still won't open.

Any ideas what this could be down to, and whether there's any other way in without going through a window or drilling the door lock??