Debating getting out of the Disco game


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Dec 9, 2004
So, thinking of getting out of the game. Well, actually getting my son out since he took it over. No idea what these are selling for nowadays, so looking for some thoughts on pricing as this is where I would list it if I decide to.

The Disco pretty much runs fine, I had some alternator/battery issues that I have solved if you search my posts. I do have an an ABS light that I have not bothered investigating. Other than that, it has underbody rust, nothing too bad, and the rust above the wheel wells is getting started as well as the rear door hinge and where the rear ladder is connected. The wheels and rock sliders are getting some rust coming through as well, but that is all surface and nothing an afternoon with some rustoleum couldn't take care of.

As far as specs are concerned:

A little over 100k miles
2" OME Lift
31x15 Good Wrangler Duratracs on Steelies
Ashcroft HD Axles
4.10 gears
Detroit Rear/Tru Trac front
Double Cardon HD Driveshafts front and rear
Aedofab Custom Front and Rear bumpers, full gas tank skid plate
Aedofab Custom Rock sliders
Aedofab Sway Bar Disconnects
ARB Snorkel
Roof Rack
Rear Ladder
Aftermarket head unit. I would have the original but I dropped it and destroyed it on accident.
Brakes, battery, belt all recent.
Fluids all changed in last year or so
Warn HS 9500 winch
Interior in decent condition, headliner starting to sag
Plug-in engine warmer (never used it myself, guy who had the truck in Canada 6 years ago did)

I will get some pics, but she pretty much still looks like this, minus the lights on the front bumper.



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Jun 30, 2008
Golden CO
I am selling a stock 94 disco i have with manual transmission. while I know its a lot different than yours, I think it will fetch a lot of money

Looking at your list, I dont of upgrades, I dont think you should take less than $6k, but $10k isnt out of the question


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Mar 26, 2004
Great list of parts. I'd get ahead of the rust and eliminate it. What year is it?