Disco 2 cooling mod results


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May 24, 2007
Boise Idaho
With my old D2 I ran a 160 stat with the inline mod. Also ran a real coolant gauge. It seemed to be consistent 180 with the Chevy light duty clutch and a D1 fan blade.

Got 300k on that engine before I stopped giving a shit working on it for all the other D2 related issues.

Long story short the light duty clutch stopped making that air plane noise at start up and I just didn't care and it overheated on a 100 degree day and cracked the radiator.

It's now a toaster at a Walmart near you.
Pretty sure I have one of those toasters made from the temp gauge part of yours. It’s off, it’s on but who knows what temp, and my toast is solid black and now occupies the crumb tray. Isn’t that such a Rover cooling experience.
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Sep 15, 2020
Scottsdale, AZ
Well, I was able to buy a Flowcooler water pump and put it on the other day. My temps have come down about another 2-4 degrees and are even more stable now.

The combination of the fan, clutch and water pump have pretty much eliminated my high temp anxiety.

It hasn't been very hot the last few days (only about 103) but, my temps stayed under 200 about 90% of the time in mixed driving situations, including long idling.

Huge thanks to @4Runner for the info and part numbers.