Discoweb Good Guy List


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Feb 15, 2011
Idaho Falls ID
Will Tillery, has been great to deal with, I had some issues with some lost parts in the mail, and he stepped up by making things right, Thanks Will


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Mar 17, 2005
Eric Riston at Atlantic British
Zack at Rovers North
Trevor at Rovahfarm
I've had good service from Turner Engineering, LRDirect, Paddocks and a couple of others from the UK as well.

I do miss George at Rovers Down South - it was always fun to pick up the phone and give him a call.


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Jan 24, 2017
Placentia, CA
LRDirect for sure. Terrafirma diff guards $45 cheaper each than stateside, and $43 total for DHL express international shipping. That's 3-day shipping from the U.K. to California for $43.

ETA: I ordered some stuff from them about a week ago. Steering guard I couldn't find here. It shipped last Monday from Bristol, England, and was delivered to my house in So Cal on Wednesday afternoon. $48.00.

I can't even get shit shipped from the East Coast on anything but eBay for that price, for 35# (15.5kg).
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Nov 12, 2017
Dunedin, FL
Hello everyone,

I am back to say THANK YOU for all the references on Will Tillery

"Will" has far exceeded any expectations, I have ever had doing business online with a person I don't really know much about.

After the first delivery, he has been right there to guide me on any needs - as for me - I too have been bitten by the Rover Bug - I saw the vehicle as a daily driver, but as I work on it more and more - I am finding myself bonding with this oil leaking beast.

As far as Will Tillery is concerned, Please let this forum post string become a resource for all new-comers on this forum. Will has proven himself to be trust-worthy, knowledgeable, and RELIABLE. I sent him CASH 1900 miles away - he could have walked - but he did the right thing.

His prices blow away just about any LR site I have been too. He delivered as promised - to describe the transaction - its like doing business with the " Rover Whisperer" this guy knows his stuff. Whats most important is that he is a rare find in this world. Now a days, good people are hard to find.

I have never personally met him, but via telephone and email - I can't say enough good things about Will Tillery. Some parts arrived the next day, some on Sunday, some arrived before I even paid him - the guy is a Rover Part Ninja. You will not be sorry if you use Will for anything.

Thanks again to all for the references on Will - I hope this forum string brings Will a lot more business in the future. He has earned my business hands down.

Happy New Year!

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Apr 20, 2009
I recently bought some stuff from Randy Williams (Roverover) and was very pleased with the products and service.


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Feb 6, 2015
Slightly west of Boston
I have had excellent service from a lot of vendors.

For used parts, I am impressed with the service provided by Joel Mercer, Will Tillery, and Marty Powell.

PT Schram will discuss Rover resurrection and maintenance methods over the phone for hours and sends free parts. Ha.

If I want new parts, Eric Riston at AB is lightning fast with getting parts to my door. I can also count on whoever is available for the phone at Lucky 8 (it varies) to get me parts for great prices and quick. I also have ordered from Zack at RN and was happy with their service.

Outside of just sales, I have met and driven trails with Eric Riston at AB and Joel Mercer and they guided me in my D2 off road on multiple occasions. The Lucky 8 crew is always doing events for the community too.

I have enjoyed working with all these vendors and plan to continue doing so. They are all well-established in the community and have proven themselves to me.


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Apr 19, 2004
La Jolla, CA
Need to add a couple of names:
Nick Markiw @ RW Performance Engineering (whoever has a boner at the mention of LS3+6L80E knows him)
John Gadd @ Union Jack 4x4


Feb 10, 2018
New Hampshire
I've got the thank Will Tillery too - he's simply awesome and my most favorite parts provider for my 2003 Disco restoration project - so far I've purchased a engine wiring harness, alternator, dash, and rear tailgate - all have been outstanding no issues he even sent me a new wiper for the tail gate - highly recommend you contact Will if you need Disco parts!!!!