Flashing M&S 04 Disco


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Apr 1, 2006
Orange, VA
I have several things going on here. Last month I had the flashing M&S come on while driving at highway speed and trans went into limp mode. A week or so later it happened again, same thing. Both times I was running AC, so thinking maybe AC drain over XYZ, I ran without AC on as a trial. A week later it happened again about the same place. Since then I’ve made a 270 mile trip without issue. Last week it happened again going from P to D, and now this morning going from D to R.

The battery is new, the alternator is a recent replacement from Will. No SES or any other lights other than flashing M&S. The XYZ was replaced at some point prior to my ownership, so it’s not the original one. From what I’ve read, there are multiple things to cause the flashing M&S, but I’m getting different symptoms now.
Hi, one of symptoms is ground issues. Near Battery is the battery negative cable grounding point to body, and at its side are 1 or 2 10mm nuts. After battery change it is important to check these points. I suggest to loose, WD40 and retighten these nuts (caution, not to overtighten and damage these points).


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Sep 14, 2016
Suffolk, UK
I’ve been ruining my AC for the past few days and both days I got the flashing M&S.
Time to reroute the AC drain lines, crack open the XYZ switch, clean it out, regressed and reseal it back up.