Free D1 Parts Truck - Atlanta


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Feb 4, 2019
Atlanta, GA
I bought this parts truck from a member a while back and have pulled all the parts I wanted. Now I have the rolling shell to dispose of. I figured I would offer it on here in case someone wanted it for body parts, windshield or odds and ends. It was partially disassembled under the hood when I got it, and I pulled most of what was left. I hooked a battery to it and nothing really worked, but the doors and their contents are still there. Fuel tank is also still in there, and the truck only had 26K on it according to the odometer so maybe the pump is worth taking too. I plan on pulling the steering wheel and intermediate steering shaft, but have left them loosely in place for loading on a trailer or the scrapyard's wrecker. The rear bumper has also been removed.

I have two GEMS 4.0 shortblocks that can go with it, one ran with a badly blown headgasket (exhaust leaking bad) but good oil pressure, and the other was just in the back of a D1 I bought with a new engine upfront.IMG_0484.jpgIMG_0485.jpgIMG_0486.jpg20200105_163443.jpg