FS 2004 Disco 84k Miles Full Build Recovery Rig


May 31, 2020
St. Petersburg FL
Full Off-road Recovery Rig, , Rock Crawler , Yet You Cam Drive As A Daily Commuter! Runs 70MPH on Highway Flawlessly! This is An amazing Discovery! 84K Original Miles , No Accidents , Clean Title No issues! No Warning Lights Armored 360 Degrees Top Sides Bumpers & Undercarriage, Recent Updates & Upgrades Including : 6” Terra Firma Lift 88.5” Tall, Rock Sliders, Steel Recovery Bumpers , Underside LR skid plates & Guards, Winch , CB , Touchscreen Stereo, Upgraded speakers, Rear Diff , Brakes ..... Valve Covers , Coils , Gaskets , Coolojg System, Plugs , Wires It is 17 Years Old and In Excellent Shape But Please Be Realistic , Full Roof Cage With Ladder and LR Driving Light System , 12000LBS Winch Parts & Install with alll accessories $18,500.00 Offers Considered



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Jan 15, 2010
Raleigh, NC
6" lift To run 33s??? Im running 4" lift and 35s curious how you came up with a 6" lift that looks like 3-4" lift. Also that roll cage is roof rack. It wont help you at all if you roll over. Without lockers, hd shafts and regearing. I wouldn't consider this a rock crawler, but it is a nice clean truck! Glws