good price or too much? 88 defender 110


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Feb 28, 2005
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You can take a vacation to Africa, Europe, or the UK, buy a 110, and pay somebody else to import it for you and be in for less money. That said you'll still have to repair shit on a truck, it might be a headache, and you'll have to wait for shipping. If you check it out and like it, buy it. Don't want to pay that much, offer less for it and see if the seller will take it. If you just want a more "badass" classic look Land Rover then just buy a Series.


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May 21, 2007
If you just paid off your Disco forget about the Defender. Don't let emotions take over. You own your truck outright. That is way better than owing. Set aside a little money for routine maintenance, parts upgrades, and projects that you can anticipate needing. People romanticize the Defender, but having driven them in Africa for years I would take my Disco 9 times out of 10. Think about how many fantastic trips you could take in your current Disco for the coin you'd drop on that Defender.

chris snell

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Aug 15, 2005
Going through titling in CO now, should have by end of January

Definitely don't buy anything until you see a CO title in the flesh.

Things going against it:

- It's RHD. This lowers resale value. You can convert but it will cost you. Jason Rose converted his over and he could probably comment on costs.

- It's a respray. This could also lower the value if it wasn't done well (proper prep, proper color, sufficient disassembly, etc.). It costs a lot of money to do a respray properly because you essentially have to strip the vehicle entirely down to frame. Few people take it that far. Most just paint in place. New paint could also cover rust spots. It's hard to tell from his potato camera pictures but the frame looks pretty decent. Have a look at the front side of the bulkhead behind the motor, down low. That's a common spot for rust. If it's repainted, see if the paint flakes easily there.

- The 3.5 V8 is a dog, especially in Colorado hills and altitude. Plan on a three hundy or modern V8 conversion if you want to drive this thing daily on the freeway.


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Apr 10, 2006
Aurora, CO
There's a thread over on CO4x4 by a guy who bought/is buying one from this importer. I'll toss in a link if I run across it; it's to be the build thread.


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Dec 15, 2004
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Fuck me. I just read that entire thread. Over 100 posts and he hasn't bought the damned thing. That, coupled with all the Jeeper hack suggestions, made me go pour a bourbon and water to try and wash away some of the detritus that accumulated in my head.



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Sep 14, 2010
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I think some pretty good points were made here . The 3.5 is really a pooch . It's gonna cost a lot of time and effort to make it left hand drive . But then if you could get a truck like that for reasonable price , put a diesel in it , make it left hand drive , put some cool ass color on it it could be worth a ton . But only if it has a legal title , but that's doubtful . That guy wants to sell it for what it could be worth