Has anyone put a Series body on a Shortened RRC / D1 Frame?


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I used to be a regular over on the D1 Forum. I have a question.
I have a D1 that needs to be parted. (Body damage mostly but engine needs a rebuild)
My Buddy has a Series III 88 that needs a transmission and hasn't run in years.

Has anyone every tried combining them? Shorten the D1 frame and modify the outriggers to match that of the Series?
I think it would be sweet to have a V8, Coil Sprung Series III.



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Feb 28, 2005
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You could use the front of the series and then find a 109 tub or cut the 88 tub behind the bulkhead and make a tray back with a pickup cab. I don’t think shortening the 100” frame would be worth it but I’m sure you could.


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May 21, 2007
Doug Shipman at Ship's Automotive in Portland has combined a Series II body with a D1 or RRC frame, I can't remember which - or a variation, he might have kept the frame the same length. Calls it Spongebob. I've seen it in action, he did a good job with it. You can find his shop through a web search.


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I’ve done it twice. First with a RRC frame and second with a d1 frame. They are basically the same. It’s a big job for sure. The first one I took 10 inches out of the middle. The second one I left 100inches and hacked the body up to fit. That one is mud toy so looks weren’t as important to me. The first one was pretty. Some issues u will have are: u have to lift the body up a couple inches to clear the rear frame, the axles are wider too but with D90 flares it looks fine, not too bad without them. Another issue may be the breakfast, the first one I used a d90 hood and breakfast to make more room for the radiator and v8. The second one has a Nissan straight 6 diesel so I moved the engine back 10 inches or so so I could run the series hood and breakfast. To build one you start with the bulkhead, mock that up then use the brackets between the bulkhead and tub (under the doors where the floor mounts). Then mock the tub, fenders, etc off that. You can buy the rear crossmember and weld that on for the rear mounts (it works with some work). The bulkhead mounts can be sourced too or on the second one I made my own off the d1 body mount and some tube. If u put sliders on it use the box from the chassis for mounts instead at least at the back. Pm me if you have any other questions


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Mar 19, 2017
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He lengthened the chassis from original, probably to accommodate the full load bed.

This is a returning project that the owner took away from him due to costs and then discovered that he was in fact onto a good thing, so my mate is now having to un-bodge the work done since he had it before continuing.