If you're looking for a suburban place to live in the Philadelphia area...


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Apr 22, 2004
North Carolina
There's a really slicked up town home a family member is selling that's about five miles from anything you'd ever want, and ten miles from everything you probably shouldn't buy. It's a great spot for a couple, content creators, families with one kid, people with a big pet (hard to find the interior space up there) and so on.

Walk around and you're in a small town. Throw a rock and you're on the Main Line.

I'm just posting it because it seems there's always someone here moving to one place or another, and I'm not bullshitting when I say this is about the best option up there if you really want to balance performance versus price.

That place was just buffed to a serious shine. It's very nice, and set up for some trend-setting thirty-somethings I'd probably hate, people who have lots of friends and like entertaining, couples with one kid, people with a large pet...

Damn. Wrote that all twice, but I like both sentences. Deal with it. It's not as if I don't type too much in general. :rofl:

There's a lot of open space in there, and two bedrooms with full baths. Obviously, it's a town home, but it's on the end, and you get to look at lots of woods and things of that nature. There are tons of birds if you like feeding them or looking at them. It's not for someone who wants to swap transmissions and things like that, but not everyone here does that sort of thing.

You get two parking spaces, and nobody seems to care if an extra person or visitor parks a hundred feet down the way. There are rules, but it's not full of assholes. If you're familiar with condos/town homes, you know the sort of things you'll have to keep an eye on.

You can't beat the location. Shoot me a PM if you're interested in hearing more, but I don't intend to steal the agent's thunder without her permission, or pepper the site with advertisement nonsense.

She worked her butt off for this listing, and I personally can't wait to recommend her to others. I just don't want to be posting her name unless she approves. I know I wouldn't like that lack of control, and I try to assume others don't, just in case.

It ain't going to cost you a half a million dollars, either. :patriot: