LR3 8 pin connector for the 3 Amigos


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Dec 18, 2010
I had a corroded connector creating the HDC/Transmission fault special programs off, etc. This is the problem that is created by a bad brake light switch, wrong bulbs, bad splice, or corroded connectors. I was able to find the proper Tyco AMP TE connectivity connector and have 1 extra if anyone needs one.

$20 shipped conus for the following

1 each of part # 6-1419167-1 8x2 male connector
16 each of part # 2-1419158-5 male pins

1 each of part # 9-1419170-1 8x2 female connector
16 each of part # 1393366-1 female pins

i didn't feel like counting out all the pins so the pic just shows 1 each on the contacts.
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