LR3 New 2 me not starting

No Pvmt

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Feb 7, 2006
Coast of California
Just picked up an `07 HSE w/HD. it has been driving well without any issues... then this morning it wont start. It's not giving any codes, no blown fuses, I had the battery checked and it's in great shape, it makes the clicking sound like it wants to turn over but to no avail... any ideas? :banghead: Any help will be appreciated


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Dec 5, 2004
Los Angeles, Ca
If you hear a click you likely have a bad starter or a bad ground cable. To check the ground circuit, set your volt meter to DC volts. Put one lead on the negative battery terminal and the other lead on the block. Have someone attempt to crank the engine. You should see less than .5V. Anything more, then you have a bad ground.

FWIW, when LR3 starters fail, you can usually get a few cranks out of them if you just keep trying to start it.