LR3 Steel Pan conversion


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Dec 18, 2010
Steel pan conversion kit for your LR3. This is the Ford pan kit so you can use off the shelf Motocraft parts for your transmission maintenance. With this kit you will still need to remove the exhaust (I don’t think you’ll need to lift the engine like you do with the factory replacement). I ended up going with another kit that allows for an easier replacement. There a 1/2” hole in the pan for a drain valve that you will need to supply. I did attempt to install these parts so they do have ZF fluid on them but the truck was never run or topped off.

$50 shipped since they aren’t technically NIB, which is ~$30 savings if you were to buy these new. All you’ll need to do is add a $10 universal drain plug and you are good to go.

Pan Genuine Ford 9L3Z-7A194-A
Filter Motocraft 7L1Z-7A098-A
Gasket Fel-Pro T0S18753