LR4 3.0 SCV6 Burning Oil


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Oct 23, 2017
Interested getting thoughts on this.

2016 LR4 80K miles

I’ve changed the oil myself in intervals of of 5-8k miles. My recent changes I measured carefully how much went in at 75 and came out at 80. What came out is a quart low. I’ve save enough to have it tested.

If this was your vehicle at 80k would your shrug it off or be concerned? From my perspective I have a NAS 90 that doesn’t burn much more than this with 100k more miles on it.

This LR4 is still under fully warranty as we bought it with an extended warranty to 5 years/100k. It has never overheated but did shit the water pump.


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May 23, 2005
My LR3 v8 with 155k will burn about a quart in 4-5k miles. I have run a crankcase cleaner for a few hundred miles at the end of oil life that seemed to help flush out gunk.