MAF code won't go away


New member
Sep 19, 2020
I bought my D2 a few months back that had a list of codes that went away after giving the car a full tune up with: new plugs, coil packs, fuel injectors, wires etc. I now have maf code that came on shortly after the tune up that I can't figure out.
I've bought a new MAF, air filter, air filter cover since it was broken, new catalytic converters, new oil separator. I sent it to a local Land Rover mechanic to have it checked out and they thought it might be due to an exhaust leak and thought it had a faulty ecu which were both replaced by them and the code still returned. I'm assuming the only reason left might be due to a faulty intake manifold gasket? When I replaced the gasket during my tune up, I noticed the previous owner had used tack which I cleaned off but did not use. I'm assuming the new intake manifold gasket I used may have been faulty, could this is be the reason for my P0101?