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Jul 25, 2015
I’ve a 2000 Disco 2 with 152K milieus and own the iLAND diagnostic. I bought it when it first came out and had issues with using my iPhone. Since then updates and using an Android Tablet it seems to work well.
Now to the questions at hand. I have some issues with the Evap positive pressure test system. I’m in the process of smoke testing the system and will make the needed repairs of which I’ve already bought parts. I replaced the gas cap already. Anyway it’s not an issue as I will find the leak first then the repair as well as lines and other parts. But first I must find the leak.
I also had a few spark plug wires defective so a new NGK set has been ordered. My plugs are all burning well. I’ve bought and replacing the O2 sensors, coil packs, some vacuum lines, and a few other items. I’m going to relocate the coil pack. Which brings me to the question at hand.
I installed a new water pump last year with all new hoses, expansion bottle (and cap), thermostat housing, and converted over to HOAT coolant. My radiator fan is now electrical with thermostat. With all the things I’m replacing I thought maybe I should go ahead and do head gaskets. I don’t have the sleeve slippage. So I’m not sure I want to push my luck and wake the sleeping giant. That my question. I only added this other information to show the work I’m currently doing and some of the reasons why.