Moab and surrounding areas trip vids


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Sep 22, 2019
Mount Shasta, CA
Finally got a few vids up of our trip to Moab in October. We had never been there - so we spent a whole ten days checking it out and running some moderate trails. I have never seen such a busy place for outdoor sports - wow! We took our mostly stock Disco 1 SD with a new Terrafirma 2" lift with the Sport shocks and 32" tires. The car was fantastic on these trails. We did White Rim, Chicken Corner, Dome Plateau, Tower Arch and a few others. I hope to come back with a few add-ons like lockers. We rented a side by side for Fins 'N Things and Hell's Revenge....

Arches/Dome Plateau/Chicken Corner

White Rim Trail

Sand Flats - Fins and Hells Revenge
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Apr 20, 2004
Yeah, I was out there for a week at end of Oct. Have not been for 10 years, but before that was there 3-4 times a year. IMO many of the places are more than "busy", more like "ruined". There are no locals to be found any longer.

I had a better time in more remote areas.


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Mar 26, 2004
Nice films, thanks for sharing. Great to see a relatively simple D1 out there doing its thing. That’s all you need to enjoy yourself.

Man, I have to get back up to Utah....


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May 21, 2007
How did I miss this? I'm contemplating a detour to Utah on my trip back to the Pacific Northwest later this year. If I go, I'll be on the lookout for suggestions for routes that are a good match for my stock LR3 with 265/65/18 tires. Nice to see a D1 in action.