My damn LR2


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Sep 14, 2010
Northern Illinois
I have a 2013 LR2. My wife likes it and I’m ok with it. I think they do a good job in a lot of snow with Blizzaks on them. I run Conti extreme contacts (DWS) in the summer.
This damn car has had every expensive repair these things a known for. I mean EVERY ONE of them.
Right after the warranty expired the intake cam sprocket broke. $650, then the turbo after that $$2400, all but one wheel bearing $1000 ish, it’s been nickel and dining me with shit like a heater hose set and power steering lines like $300 ish. I recently put pads and rotors all the way around it and both summer and winter tires are pretty new with 1 season on each.

It currently needs a $900 occupancy sensor it’s not getting( the air bag light will burn out eventually ) it needs both catalytic converters for like $2300 and it ain’t getting that either ( they don’t emissions test here cause I’m so rural)

Now this toilet needs an IRD. That’s the t case basically. Volvo guys call it an Angle Gear. That’s going to cost me $2000 with a coupler and some seals that sit between the trans and it. I’ve gotta do it, no choice. I can’t get what I want to replace it with and if I bail now I bail on all those tires and brakes and turbo and all of it.

i have a 2012 Chevy Cruze with 230,000 miles on it that’s cost me $1500 in repairs at the most.
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