My homemade Awning


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Jun 14, 2004
St.Leonard MD.
D Chapman said:
That's all well and good, Paul, but you look like a douche riding around with a tent on top of your truck.

My traditional tent sets up easy, too. Takes up less space and weighs about 55lbs less. I like to use an air mattress on cold nights just to get off the cold ground, but when it's warmer you don't even need that. I just do not see why a RTT is needed or desired.
I would rather stand under a tent used for a funeral.........oh wait :eek:


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Apr 17, 2006
A thread bashing an awning and/or RTT is just as bad as a thread that praises them.

I can't think of a more useless and impractical use of money than blowing it on a 100lb tent strapped to the top of your truck!