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Livermore, CA; The Off-Road Experience is pleased to announce the Eighth running of the infamous Nevada Trophy, an event not to be missed. The NVTR Crew has some new and exciting area(s) for the annual two-day event. The general area will again be east of Reno, but this years staging/start location will be kept secret from participants until the last minute, its exact location being given out in Longitude/Latitude coordinates in their navigational material. Let us just say this; the desert they will travel through will blow their minds! This year participants will be required to carry all of their gear & equipment on board. For 2005, the finish location will be listed in Longitude/Latitude form as well.

Nevada Trophy is an event unlike any other in North America, but one of the most copied. Nevada Trophy is a mixture of ideas, including past events, such as the famed Camel Trophy, the Warn Challenge in Europe, Geocaching (NVTR pre-dates Geocaching), and off-road driving. When you combined them all together, it makes NVTR an adventure one soon won?t forget.

Since 1996, LAND-ROVER?s have won every NVTR, this includes the one-day event as well (NVTR-II, The 12-Hours of Nevada is scheduled for December 3rd ), but this doesn?t mean the event is limited to these vehicles, NVTR is open to all makes of 4WD vehicles (vehicles must have a low-range transfer option). Vehicles need not be modified either, as stock 4WD?s have won more times than not. Each vehicle is required to have a Driver & Navigator, a GPS, compass, Nevada Atlas by DeLorme, plus safety equipment as listed in the NVTR Rules. Laptops are once again permitted, but not required.

Like previous years, cars will be scored individually. Points are gained by searching for waypoints via GPS, and completing Special Tasks. Penalty points can also be incurred, one example is a penalty of 200-points per minute for being late, this can add up quickly, thus time management is the key to success.

Entry fee is $300.00 per car, participants should ask about the ?reduced rate? program when entering.

Whether you?re new to Geocaching or off-road adventures or not, you won?t want to miss out on NVTR2005. Check our web site at for information.