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Just posting because the more competitors the better! Doug W.

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From: M. Green/West Coast British
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 1:23 PM
Subject: NVTR 2009 Up-Date, November 10th, 2008

NEVADA TROPHY 2009 is scheduled for April 17th - 19th 2009.

Tech: Thursday 2pm-Midnight, April 16
Start: Friday 8am, April 17
Re-start: Saturday -TBA, April 18
Awards Breakfast: Sunday 9am, April 19

Host Hotel & Start Location TBA.

More at

If you have already submitted paperwork for the 2008 event, well will honor those.
Those not having already registered, download application forms from our website.

Don't miss out on one of the most exciting off-road/on-road 4wd-navigational events in North America. Over two-days you'll drive every type of road known to man in the Great Basin of Northern Nevada, your Navigator & GPS pointing the way. Along the way you'll be searching for Waypoints in order to earn point of 100 to 1000 with your GPS and maps. You'll no doubt bump in to a physical or driving task that will earn you further points. Team with the highest score Sunday morning WINS! For safety reasons, due to the vast wilderness we could be in, participants are Teamed up, meaning 2 cars = a Team. Put your own team together, or organizers will pair you with someone.

For over 12 years ORE has been leading the way with Adventure, competition and fun. Our event pre-dates Geocaching! If you seek to practice your GPS skills log on & join

NVTR2009 is open to any/all 4wd (with a low-range transfer) vehicle... must be street legal.

Each vehicle must have a Driver & Navigator - passengers are not permitted.

Please also read the updated 2009 Requiring Equipment document.

Physical ability a must, as their will be physical tasks ala NVTR and Camel Trophy... so please be healthy.

Entry fee $300.00 per car. Post entry $350.00 on/after April 9th, 2009.

Hope to see you in Nevada,

Michael Green

Our office is based in the S.F. Bay Area... at 190 Airway Blvd., Livermore, CA. 94551. Phone 925-606-8301.

Our E-mail address is: info at

See our web site for dates and locations and hotel info for future events.

Sponsored by: West Coast British

Doug W

Pretty much. One of the organizers was injured this summer (still can't walk) setting up waypoints on a dirt bike out in the Nevada badlands. So they missed 2008. The whole history of the 10 years of events is on



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Apr 23, 2004
Just to bring it up again I've been out putting up markers, went 2 weeks ago, going back tomorrow to put out markers on Sat and Sun. Cool place, anyone who enters should have a good time. FYI there's (I think) 4 Hummers entered. Still room for more entries.