New noise with new rear axle


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Feb 24, 2006
Goldsboro, NC
Blew the axle up at URE last Oct and this week finally got the replacement axle installed as well as made the conversion to a 4 bolt flange from rotoflex. Here's where the problems began. Everything is secure, no play in the driveshaft, fresh diff oil(75w-90). When I accelerate and am on the gas pedal, things seem normal. When I let off the throttle, I begin to get a gear/bearing type noise until it slows to about 25 mph then it goes silent again. I have checked the U-joints on the driveshaft, they seem good. Again no play at the new flange. I'm lost as to what this could be, my only guess is perhaps a wheel bearing or something in the gears.


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Nov 13, 2008
Los Angeles
Yep, check ring/pinion backlash. Pinion bearing may also be the issue, though I suspect you did a cursory inspection before installing the new axle.