first i'd like to say hey, this is my first time posting and i am a new first time landrover D1 owner. I just bough a 97' w/ about 80K on the clock and am looking to get straight into building it up. I've built up a few jeeps but i've always wanted LR and now i get the chance to work on my own. I had a couple general questions about lifting discoverys. How much lift would i need to be able to run 285/75/16's with moderate trimming? Also, at what amount of lift do you need to worry about the replacing the drive shafts? and finally will the stock axles and gearing be fine with those tires or do i need to do some major overhaul. I know these are real newbie questions and I apologise for retreading stuff thats probably real basic to you guys but i want to do this right and figured you guys would have lots of knowledge. Latres...


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Apr 20, 2004
it's not a hard and fast rule, but anything over 2" and you are probably looking at vibes and upgrading driveshafts and the like. and with that size tire, you are probably looking at either big lift, or lots of cutting. not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but i think a really well set up truck is 2" lift, 235/85 mt, hd bumper and winch, front tt, rear detroit, and heavy duty axles all around.

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Apr 19, 2004
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you can probably judge by your city gas mileage - if it's 12 or below, you'll want lower gears badly.
285s are pretty fat tires (11.5"), it may be easier to trim around the wheel arches than to lift it enough to clear stock sheetmetal.

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Apr 21, 2004
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Robbie- I agree with your idea of the ideal disco. Although Newbie sounds like he wants a big rover. He's used to Jeeps.

Newbie, it takes a lot to correctly do 285/75's. If you offroad it like a jeep with those tires you are almost guaranteed to break stuff. Primarily CV joints. If you through a locker in the rear you probably won't make it around the block with out breaking an axle. This setup can be done but it will be extremely pricey. You are probably looking at 3" springs and probably a body lift. You may make it with 2" springs and a 2" body. I would probably start there. Even with that, better get the sawzall ready. I don't like butchering up Land Rovers. I really don't like the "Sawzall Special". I know you are ready to start working and I can understand wanting to do it all. That be the case, make sure the checkbook is full because you will be needing a lot of $$$. You may post something on money and lifts. Good luck.


I'm still relatively new to the disco world, being an owner for only like 6 months. I've been wheeling my disco stock. I truly believe you'll have the best disco experience if you begin wheeling it stock. I'm definitely impressed with the stock capabilities of this truck.

285s are really wide for a disco. Stick with the tried and true skinny and tall tire, like a 235/85. Look for some input from guys that have been here awhile, ask about which dealer to use or what place is best to deal with and where you can get a quality product for your $$. I wouldn't immediately jump into building it up. Make sure you do enough research so you don't make a newb mistake that could've been prevented.

Not trying to be an ass, hope this helps.

Oh, and welcome to Dweb :cool:
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Apr 20, 2004

for 285/75-16 (33x11.5) you're looking at new (lengthened) links
a double (possibly multiple double) cardon front shaft, depending on pinion angle
a min. 3" lift and appropriately sized shocks
a backspaced wheel of at least 4.25"
and a little bit of trimming around the inner wheel well lip (typically less than people think!)
re-gearing would be a good idea but not absolutely necessary (mpg won't be great)
and depending on how you use it, lockers and axles are pretty nice.

save your pennies, it typically isn't a cheap process.

but then again if you don't plan on using it (flexing it) CB lift it and put the tires on the alloys. but be careful for driveway approaches and the like. CRUNCH!!!!!