Not a Disco but pretty damn cool


Aug 7, 2016
Had a Samurai years ago. About as bare bones truck as you could buy but hands down the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned, and just dam fun to drive.

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Jan 13, 2010
Lynchburg, Va
Small size would be good in the woods on the east coast. Then there is this thing.

Look at the tiny steering links. Why go this ridiculous for a product rollout?


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Apr 22, 2004
North Carolina

Looks like a coil-sprung Samurai. Too bad we can't get them here.
That's because it is a Samurai. That's how they were badged here when sold here in the past. I liked the look of those well enough, but this thing is styled incredibly well. It does have that dose of G wagon that really cleans up the lines.

Those old Suzukies were solid vehicles with some serious short-comings; issues that would have been sorted over time, to a degree. I would imagine these are a lot better overall, and I fucking want one with two seats and a bed.

Just read a Road and Track article that missed the whole point of the vehicle. Amateurs. It is no longer worth reading any review-oriented publications whatsoever in any industry at all. They're all corrupt and filled with ignorance. Even the best have fallen.

We lose this stuff because we let those fuckers tell us what we want, and they're all paid off or pussies at this point. Down with them all.

The Samurai was not to be taken lightly off-pavement or in arduous conditions. Just keep it away from high winds and salt. Those pitfalls are surely sorted, at this point. These would be a welcome addition to our options here, and I'd like to see Suzuki back in action within our shores. They didn't make the nicest stuff, but they made good stuff that was built well for the price.


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