OE Bottle Jack


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Apr 13, 2021
Florida, USA
I've got my D1's original bottle jack in its mounting location in the engine bay. I've never used it - I'm thinking that a little refurbishment is in order. Is there a guide someone can recommend on what to do to refurb one and make sure it's safe to use?

Edit: found this post which seems to be a good starting point.
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Mar 3, 2010
- remove rubber plug and drain hydraulic oil
- tap the saddle off
- unscrew the retaining ring at the top of the jack (holds the body down)
- while holding the jack in the air by the body in one hand, tap the base until is unseats from the rubber gasket sealing it to the body (don't hit the body, it will crack)
- unscrew the main shaft/piston from the base (can be difficult to do without marking the piston. if you use tools make sure you protect the shaft)
- replace orings
- reverse