OME 3" Lift DII



What is the likelyhood of driveline vibes with the 3" OME springs. Just got my 751's and spacers from EE. Thanks.>JB


I think bird shit on the hood will cause some sort of vibration in the D2.
But seriously, with a 3" lift you may have vibes until you relpace the rotoflex rear driveshaft with a u-joint drive shaft. I don't have this sort of a lift, so I can't speak from personal experience. I have read some users' posts that say they had vibes after installing a lift and others that say they haven't.


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Apr 19, 2004
Golden Colorado
From my personal experience (2001 DII W/3" RTE) and several other friends (3-4)(OME & RTE) that have/had 3? lifts on DII?s they seem to be very receptive to the 3? lift.

My personal opinion is that the DII comes with a double cardan front drive shaft (the part that many people replace to get rid of vibes on the DI) and this makes the difference. Additionally if you search on here I am sure you will find very few people complaining about vibes on the DII that are related to lift. When a post comes up about vibes on a DII most of the time it is the front u joints (in the drive shaft) that are the cause and not the lift, Although the lift can cause the front non-serviceable joint to wear faster.

Mainly I think it is peoples perception that if the DI had soooo many issues with vibes the DII must also, but that is just not true in my opinion.

With that said?.

You never know, I may have just been lucky and you could get vibes :)

But if you try it and you get vibes it is easy enough to reinstall your old springs.


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Apr 20, 2004
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I second Dave's opinion.. I'm running 3" RTE springs on my 99 DII. No problems with vibrations at all. I have a GBR rear shaft, but stock front. I think that the DI is just more prone to the lift induced vibes.