Jan 5, 2021
Northern Arizona
Hey guys. UltraGauge popped up with a P0336 trouble code (crankshaft position sensor) today while I was driving home. It occurred while accelerating onto the freeway at about 60mph. No engine shut-off or apparent sluggishness during the rest of the drive and the check engine light is not illuminated. The only thing I've done to the Rover recently is swap the CDL shift linkage ~ a week ago. Any chance it's just spurious or possibly a bad sensor? Any "easy" way to get to the sensor to check for wear/damage?


2000 Disco II 4.0 V8 w/ SAI


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Sep 14, 2016
Suffolk, UK
From the RAVE:
P0336 : Crankshaft position sensor a circuit range/ performance; Incorrect number of teeth detected ±1 tooth between reference marks with engine speed above 500 rpm

Clear the code and see if it comes back. CPS could be loose on LH side of engine or there really is a tooth missing on the flywheel.


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Feb 10, 2020
Not really teeth on flywheel it has a groove in the flywheel with what looks like series of drilled holes around it then a missing one which it senses as TDC.
Maybe sensor is faulty, its just a magnetic pick up., could also be dirty (I had one on a rebuilt engine which threw fault code but was just covered in spider eggs). Also could be a wiring fault or dirty pins in the connector. Standard Bosch sensor used on lots of models with LR specific spacer if you save the spacer you can get one anywhere at lower cost.